David Asarnow


  • “It’s been ten months since we started implementing your business training strategies and I am excited to say that my three locations have grown significantly! Location 1 has grown 86% Location 2 has grown 600% Location 3 was new and has already surpassed location 2 in terms of both revenue and client base! If you want to find, attract and convert more clients for your business, I recommend you enroll in David’s training.”

    Clinton Wasylishen
    Clinton Wasylishen SNAP Fitness
  • “I completed David’s intensive business training and coaching program and he has my highest business recommendation.  This is a must-attend for any business owner serious about growing their business! In addition to implementing your time management and goal achiever strategies and becoming more productive I was able to achieve the following:

    • Work smarter – Freeing up hours of time every week to work on my business.
    • Implementing your Marketing Attraction and Conversion Strategies I revamped and refocused my website and now receive (3X) three times the visitors I did before I took the class.
    • Implement an EFFECTIVE email campaign.  I just two months I have (2.5X) two and a half times as many people subscribing to our newsletter.
    • Most notably, during one of your HOT-SEATS, you masterminded a STELLAR marketing campaign that is unique worldwide. This campaign has allowed me to triple sales (3x).
    The class more than paid for itself!  David – you delved into the nitty-gritty of my business and helped guide me in making the fundamental changes my business needed.   Thanks for your diligent and personalized work on my business strategy. It’s more than I would have expected from a group training and coaching program. I recommend your training to any business owner or upper level manager.”

    John K.
    John K. Control Freaks RC
  • “I’m a firm believer in numbers and tracking results and I wanted to tell you how one simple script change made a great improvement. Normally, out of 100 calls, I speak to 50 people and leave 50 messages. Of those 50 messages, one out of 4.8 call back on my old benefit dump message. In using a new voice message based on the revised script giving them a call to notice and action, I have increased my call-backs to 1 out of every 3.5. That is about a 25% increase in returned calls. Thank you for the leap in productivity.” David – I also had my best commission month ever, over $38,000.”

    Jeffrey Hutchinson
    Jeffrey Hutchinson President, HM Recruiting
  • “When I signed up for David’s introductory webinar my back was against the wall, and I was operating from commission to commission.  After the introductory interactive webinar session, I signed up for his group coaching and training program. Two weeks into the coaching program I told David that if I were doing this well, I would not have signed up for your program.  I am doing that well! I have made nearly as much over the past 12 weeks as I did in the previous year.  Now that sales are up, I will be taking it further to put the systems in place to create leverage. I highly recommend David’s training no matter how large or small your business is. Thank you David!”

    Wm. Lane Kannenberg, CPIa
    Wm. Lane Kannenberg, CPIa Guardian Insurance
  • “David Asarnow has a world of experience and insight and was able to help me target and grow the areas of my business which need more time and attention.  He helps you focus on what is important and leads you through the process to gain extraordinary results.  Thank you David!”

    Jo Thoburn
    Jo Thoburn Fairfax Christian School
  • “Implementing David’s goal attainment strategy, I was able to achieve 60% of my 8 week goal in just over a week … amazing!”

    Andy Rosenfarb, ND, L.Ac.
    Andy Rosenfarb, ND, L.Ac. Doctor of Naturopathy Board Certified in Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • “Implementing your power of attraction has really started to pay off. I am seeing 4 new clients next week and 5 potential clients. I’m really grateful for your special approach to marketing including gaining an ideal client. It’s working!!! David, you’re amazing! Thanks for all your help!”

    Lori Brodersen
    Lori Brodersen Registered Holistic Allergist
  • “When I found David Asarnow I had no direction and no idea how much time I was wasting. In just the very first class I learned how to become 150% more productive than I was currently. After 8 weeks my business income went up 170% for one and 300% for the other one. If I took all my positive life altering experiences and put them in line from greatest to least, you would be at the very top. You made me stretch my mind and stop my limiting beliefs. You have single-handedly made a profound impact on my life and in turn my entire family. I will truly never forget David Asarnow and his shoe box. You changed everything about my life and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you David, for the gift of you.”

    Tara Burmeister
    Tara Burmeister Entrepreneur
  • “I had the pleasure of having David Asarnow as my business and marketing coach. As a new business owner with minimal experience, I found David’s training and coaching to be very helpful. His coaching taught me how to implement many traditional marketing concepts. But possibly even more important were the unusual and totally effective ideas that I doubt I would have learned anywhere else. Implementing these pearls of wisdom has already had an impact on my business, and I know it will continue to do so as I grow. David has been a great source of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration and I’m sure he could help nearly anyone professionally or personally.”

    Daniel Pisacano, O.D.
    Daniel Pisacano, O.D. Managing Member D&B Optometry Associates
  • “The 4 years I worked with David as a franchisee in his system were great! David’s infectious, positive attitude was always there to give me the lift I needed. David was approachable, available and listened to our needs… and took action towards fulfilling them. David is a great mentor and coach! Anyone will benefit from working with him on any level! I always look forward to our conversations. When you want a coach or mentor that truly cares, get with David.”

    Tracy Gorman
    Tracy Gorman Clix Portrait Studios
  • “…I have been applying many of the principals that I have learned in our few conversations. I used the approach you taught for when conducting a webinar. I got paid to conduct a webinar training to a clients’ potential customers and was able to offer my services afterwards. Here’s what happened: 60 people attended and stayed on the entire time. (They said that was huge because they said most people drop off.) Out of the 60 people, I have 20 requests for consultation and out of these I have already closed $20K of business! And, I have not even met with everyone, I am still scheduling appointments. Because of the results, I will be doing this again and was hired to do a live event with their customers. This should at a minimum be another $14K-$20k+++ I have been taking your ideas (like the sneaker campaign) and implementing it. So suffice it to say I’ve been busy in a positive way! Thanks again for everything!”

    Ramon Vela
    Ramon Vela CEO, StreetsmartVAR, Inc.
  • “Your coaching style, experience, business and marketing acumen has made a huge impact on me as I went through your coaching program. The one on one coaching that you did in a group setting was worth its weight in gold! Anyone who is in business needs to connect with you to go to the next level.”

    Scott Martin
    Scott Martin SDM Productions, LLC
  • “David is an amazing coach! I learned more in my coaching series with David than I have with any other coach! He has helped my business tremendously and I am excited to put his ideas and teachings into gear. The amazing principles and techniques will help my business become successful for years to come! You really are a fabulous coach!”

    Raquel Schuh, Owner
    Raquel Schuh, Owner Bella Victoria Bridal Boutique
  • “David is an extraordinary trainer and coach as he combines practical business experience with the mindset of success. I have previously spent thousands of dollars on training and coaching. I’ve worked with Tony Robbins’ coaches, Loral Langemeir’s coaches and many more. None of them had the expertise and passion David Asarnow has to help me succeed and achieve my goals. When you want to learn from someone that truly cares for your success and has a gift to bring the best out of you, I definitely recommend David Asarnow.”

    Shamayah Sarucco
    Shamayah Sarucco Co-Authors Wanted
  • “David, this may seem extraordinary simple, but without your trust in me, I wouldn’t be where I am. Your simple act will move mountains. Thanks and God Bless!”

    Chadwick Burkes
    Chadwick Burkes
  • “Thank you, God Bless You! Yes, I am worthy, I deserve Abundance! Thank You, Thank You!”

    Jesse Vasquez
    Jesse Vasquez
  • “What a great man you are. The journey together will be out of this world.”

    Carl Mckenzie
    Carl Mckenzie
  • “Your guidance has been so helpful. Thank you for everything! Many blessings.”

    Jane Montrose
    Jane Montrose
  • “David helped me make some major breakthroughs. Oh my gosh, an incredible experience. I highly recommended getting with David for coaching. It will be very well worth it for you. Thank you David.”

    Kristen Sunderhaft
    Kristen Sunderhaft LPGA Member and Golf Professional
  • “I just spent 10 minutes in a car ride to the airport with David and he gave me one business idea that could easily put a $100,000 in my pocket.”

    Julie Boswell
    Julie Boswell Professional Copywriter
  • “You are amazing and I am forever indebted to you for introducing me to my Passion for life. Words will never be enough to express my gratitude.”

    Gail Vilcu
    Gail Vilcu Greater Vision Coaching and Training
  • Thank you for a great week with incredible lessons. Your Giving spirit and wisdom really inspired and motivated our entire class this week.

    Randy Sotka
    Randy Sotka Real Estate Investor
  • Thank you for your ideas, your actions and belief in me… My life is changed to be excellent! I love you and appreciate what you have done for me. God Bless You!

    Hung Lou

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