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What is Marketing Automation & Lead Management?

marketing automationWhy would you want to utilize sales and marketing automation or lead management software in your business?

While having leads and prospective clients or patients for your business or practice is great, the value of leads is directly proportional to your ability to  follow-up with, manage and convert the leads and prospective clients or patients into a customer that pays you for your products and services.

While businesses may have a large database or list, the real measurable success is in a business’ ability to convert potential leads into actual paying clients.

Having a defined and automated process that nurtures and converts a prospective client into a paying one is imperative to convert your investment in marketing into profits for your business.


Not numbers in the algebra sort of way, in the way of having the ability to measure and track all of a business marketing efforts and having the ability to make educated decisions based upon real results.  It happens so many times that I ask business people which of their marketing worked and what results it produced, and it not uncommon for them to say an answer as it was a matter of fact.  However, when I ask to see the specific and data and statistics that support their answers, they say they do not have it.  I call this MUSTA system of marketing.  The system whereby if your sales are higher, your marketing MUSTA worked.  Measuring your marketing in this manner is akin to marketing as the wind blows. While it may work in the short term, it is not effective for making sound and effective marketing decisions.

What If?

marketing automationWhat if you could have proven business and marketing resources that created proven results and supported by automated marketing and lead management systems?

What if you had marketing and lead management systems that actually told you and your team when and how to communicate with your prospective clients so that they saw you as the solution to their problems?

Would you want a powerful automated marketing automation system like this?  And if you had it, would you implement and then use it?

If you answered YES, great! You are probably ready for a proven high-performance sales and marketing automation and lead management system.

Marketing Return on Investment

marketing automationBefore investing in sales and marketing automation software, you need to know if it allows you to easily track and measure your “marketing return on investment” (MROI).  As a business owner it is imperative to know, understand and have the ability to track and measure what actually works!  Making better marketing decisions based upon measured results creates a positive impact on your businesses revenues and profits!

Harnessing the power of high performance sales and marketing automation will enable you to attract and convert more of the leads that you get for your business.

Marketing automated and implemented properly is a tremendous investment in your business!  Having the ability to effectively measure and track your marketing enables you to make better business decisions, which provides a powerful impact on your businesses revenue.

The Challenge

The challenge with many sales and marketing automation software programs is that they operate in their separate (Sales & Marketing) silos. They are not synergistic and do not work together.  Many programs work separately with sales keeping a tight grip on their leads, hidden away from other areas of the business and marketing doing the same thing while “nurturing” their leads.

The challenge with many salesforce automation software systems is their complexity in design, set-up and implementation. Prospective clients submit their interest on your website, however, because most businesses use a set of rigidly designed (sales prevention) follow-up sequences that do not efficiently foster the movement from lead to customer. They remain just that, a lead.

The Answer

High Performance Sales and Marketing Automation creates the opportunity to simultaneously have operational efficiency and a launching pad to drive more revenue and profits for your business.

Automating regular everyday businesses processes and tasks are a must in designing proven and effective marketing systems.  An effective marketing automation program should include humanized and automated lead nurturing and follow-up with a heat index lead scoring added to the mix.

Lead scoring with a heat index graphically shows you and your team the most qualified leads and, based upon your automated settings, will enable you and your business to proactively follow-up and convert them into paying clients.

What You Should Look For

Sales and Marketing Automation that works!

At Business Oxygen we will only recommend and roll-out proven sales and marketing automation software based upon your specific needs that creates a harmony in sales and marketing.  The goal is to create an automated sales and marketing process that nurtures leads to choosing your business as their solution.

You want a marketing automation process where you can create a humanized lead process and sales workflow that will deliver automated marketing and sales communication based upon your client’s behavior and actions. If they are not taking actions, you have a process that will capture their attention and foster a positive and proactive approach to your marketing message on your prospective client’s part.

Imagine now having real-time conversations and automation that works in harmony and effectively nurtures your leads interest in actually doing business with you.


You want the ability to have real-time notifications, updates and alerts on which marketing messages your prospective clients are viewing, when they are viewing them and how often.  You also want a marketing automation system whereby these actual actions are translated into a lead score and heat index based upon their demonstrated desired interest in moving forward with your business.  In essence, you want a marketing system that reads your prospective “online body language.”

High Performance Sales & Marketing Automation Solutions & Tools Should Include:

Lead Capture

marketing automationCapturing more leads for your business begins with creating lead capture forms on your website that actually compel visitors to take action.  At Business Oxygen we show you how to dramatically increase the number of leads.  At our special Business Oxygen events that we hold in Atlanta, you can learn hands-on in a one-day intense training course.

When you create lead forms, or sales landing pages, you want a simple and easy-to-use drag and drop system to create compelling lead forms and capture pages.

With the right marketing automation software you can create pages and forms hosted on the fly.

Multichannel Media and Marketing Tracking

Raise your “Marketing Return On Investment” (MROI) through tracking all of your marketing activities in one place.  Track all of your incoming lead sources including your website, blogs, affiliate links, banner ads, pay per click as well as social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Automated and Humanized Drip Campaigns

Attract, engage and nurture your leads through a series of automated emails, text messages and videos all harmonized together into a comprehensive humanized marketing effort.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Put your email marketing on steroids with humanized automated lead nurturing. Your automated marketing should trigger real-time communication based upon your leads actions and behavior to your marketing communication.

Lead Scoring

How would you like to create a customized lead score for your leads based upon your specific and measurable criteria?  You actually can!  With a proprietary Heat Index, you and your sales team will know who to call and when to call them because they are leaning forward ready to move forward with your business.

Lead Management

Your Sales and Marketing Automation program should be designed to dynamically engage with your lead during the sales nurturing process and provide you with the ability to effectively integrate sales and marketing to move prospective clients from lead to client at a faster rate.

Automated Workflow

Sales and marketing automation should give you the opportunity to read your prospective clients on-line body language so that you know who is truly interested and should be contacted via telephone or accelerated in the automated marketing process.

When someone is ready, the sales person is notified in real time and can proactively contact your prospective clients when they are leaning forward with a propensity towards taking action.

High Performance Sales and Marketing Automation systems work effectively for on-line and off line companies, for big and small business that are focused on B2B and B2C.

Effective marketing automation platforms tell you who is visiting your blog or website, creates a compelling reason for them to provide their contact information and then nurtures a relationship, scoring the best lead opportunities…. Tying it all together into an easy to use  sales follow-up and customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business.

When effectively implemented, you will have more leads that are higher qualified with higher conversions equating to increased sales and profits at a faster rate.

Business Oxygen is a team of peak performance sales and marketing strategist based in Atlanta, Georgia that are focused on pure RESULTS for your business!

We help business find more qualified leads, attract them to where they want to know more about your business and then show you proven and effective methods and systems that nurture and convert these leads into paying customers.

At Business Oxygen, we showcase who we are and show you first hand how you can grow your client and/pr patient base at our quarterly event held in Atlanta called “Local Marketing Oxygen.”

Name another company in our industry that is wiling to pull back the curtain, showing you everything upfront and then even guaranteeing your satisfaction.

No matter where you are located, take the time to come to Local Marketing Oxygen in Atlanta, and you will have created an opportunity to accelerate you marketing and sales conversions.


Building your business is about Finding, Attracting and Converting More Clients. Profiting in your business is about Monetizing your key leverage points more effectively.

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