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David Asarnow

Do you want
results in 3 months or 3 years?

entrepreneur-business-coachWould you invest $1 to see it pay back $5?  Would creating a return on investment (ROI) greater than 500% be good for you and your business?  If you knew with near certainty that you could produce results, would you make the investment?  Really, would you?

I often ask this question of business owners when speaking live and inevitably 99.9% of the time people will say YES!  Of course, who would not make an investment in their business where they could experience a ROI of five times?  So, what can you do to receive this kind of ROI?

Hire a certified Entrepreneur Business Coach!  I get it, I hear many saying things like, “I am already successful or I currently produce great results. Why would I want to hire an Entrepreneur Business Coach if I am already making lots of money and have a tremendous track record of success?”  The answer is easy, because you want to produce more, and you want to do so with greater ease with more profits lining your pocket.  Am I right?

“Companies who invested in executive and entrepreneur business coaching received an average return of $7.90 for every $1 invested,” according to MetrixGlobal LLC.

This equates to a 700% return on investment (ROI).  Do you make that kind of return with your money sitting in the bank?  Does this sound impossible?  What do these statistics mean?  It means that just like a top level athlete who has one or many coaches in their corner to produce more and stay ahead of their competitors, top small business owners who hire a business coach have a statistical advantage to accelerate their business growth in this tough economy.

Ok, let’s assume that an athlete did not have a coach, he or she just felt that they could go it alone, What is the chance that this athlete was at the top of their game, leading the field?  Of course not, that athlete is most likely not getting incrementally better at the rate they need to be the best.

Running a small business is not any different.   In business, if you keep doing what you did in the past, your competition will fly on by you.  When you take the time to look at the complete picture, business coaching is a sound investment towards your businesses future.

Most business coaches have it backwards!

entrepreneur business coachYes, most Entrepreneur Business Coaches and Entrepreneur programs have it backwards.  Most business coaches give you stale, old outdated advice, you probably could have picked up online, or they just regurgitate your questions back to you in the form of more questions.  And then to make matters worse it does not add to your bottom line results.

Most Entrepreneur Business Coaches expect you to trust them on blind faith that what they are going to do for you will work, even before you have had a chance to experience what kind of results their business coaching and training programs could do for you.

Does this make sense?  I believe that when you make the investment to hire an entrepreneur business coach or enter into a group entrepreneur business coaching program you should already have a taste of the kind of results the business coach or their program could produce for you and your business before you make the huge investment.

Am I right?

If we decide to personally work together, amazing results are possible for your business.

How About Guaranteed Results?

entrepreneur business coachShould you want to personally experience the kind of results entrepreneur business coaching can provide, I will guarantee the results!  You see, I want you to kick the tires, to experience what our program is like and to taste the results you can produce when implemented.

So to facilitate this, I have a special introductory session called where I can help you Monetize It!TM During this breakthrough session, you can kick the tires of what it would be like to hire me as you entrepreneur business coach.  When you like what you see… great, we will continue forward.  Should by some rare chance, you not see it as a fit, 100% of your investment will be returned.  100% guaranteed, no questions asked!  How does that sound?

Tell me how many other entrepreneur  business coaches are willing to put their time and money where their mouth is!  We produce results for our clients.

What’s the risk?  There is none! There obviously is not a risk for you… and frankly there is not a risk for my team or me either!  Why?  Because over the past ten years since I started working with entrepreneurs  my clients have produced tremendous results.  To say it modestly, I am darn good at what I do!

Also, please know that we do not take just anyone on as a personal entrepreneur client!  It has to be a good fit!  And should personal business coaching be out of your budget, I have created a special group training and coaching program with simulated personal access, where you truly have the opportunity to experience results similar to private business coaching.

See what our clients have to say about our group business oxygen coaching and training program What Clients Say!

If I can be as bold to say, if you have a good business and its just not producing the results that you want, choosing not to hire me, the Monetize It!TM team or sampling the Monetize It!TM Master Class program would be plain foolish.

Can you already tell that I am not your ordinary entrepreneur business coach?  I am not someone who is going to listen intently to what you have to say and spit the same information back to you and pose it as a solution to the problem or challenge you are having.

I have personally worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate executives!  I know what works, I know what produces results, and I am going to tell you like it is!  While I do listen, and do so very well, when you enter the business master class and or add on personal business coaching, you are going to hear the straight truth, what you need to know and do in your business that will produce results for you!

When you hire my Monetize It!TM team as your business growth coaches you are implementing one of the most powerful things you can do today to accelerate the growth of your business.

As a business coach and professional speaker, David Asarnow and the Monetize It!TM team offers business coaching and training for the entrepreneur, small business owner and senior executive.  We provide results driven individual coaching and training along with a master level training program called “The Monetize ItTM Circle

No matter your budget, you will find the right business growth program to fit your needs when you hire our team as your business coach.

Success breeds success!  Success is what the business master class is all about!  The business master class is a team of accomplished business professionals who want you to get better, with faster results!

You Want Results Now!

The greatest athletes wouldn’t be elite if they did not have the right coach in their corner!  When you make an investment in your business, you want a return, plain and simple!

I along with my amazing Monetize It!TM team can support you in accomplishing the results you desire.

According to an article by Atul Gawande in New Yorker Magazine in October 2011, the following question was posed, “Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you?”

In the article Gawande discusses “modern society increasingly depends on ordinary people taking responsibility for doing extraordinary things…  In the absence of guidance, how many people can do such complex tasks at the level we require? With a diploma, a few will achieve sustained mastery.” With a good coach, many could.

Being successful in business is not any different than being an elite singer or athlete. 

Commit to Breakthrough Results!
Create Leverage and Freedom!
Increase your Sales and Profits!

You have already experienced Plan A results.  Plan A only got you so far.  You may have done your best, however with Plan A, you are in the middle of the forest, where it is challenging to see the trees. When you take action, get ready for Plan Monetize It!TM growth factors.  Plan B is having your elite executive coach and mentor guiding you through the forest, providing you the support, accountability and guidance that you want and need to get the accelerated results that you want.

Plan B, the Monetize It!TM growth plan with elite executive business coaching, business training and business mentoring all wrapped up in one package.  When you are ready to experience accelerated results for your own business, it’s time to have an elite business coach on your team, and in your corner, guiding you every step along the way.  It is about creating a significant return on investment and implementing business growth factors.

According to Manchester Inc., a survey of 100 executives found that executive business coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.

Why an executive business coach when I can just buy a good book, listen to an mp3 or watch a seminar or DVD?  Can I grow my business by taking action on my own?  You can grow your business without a coach.  The challenge is most people who study on their own, or leave a training without on-going business coaching and support never do anything that was taught.

According to a study published in Personnel Public Management it was revealed that training by itself increased productivity by 22.4%; while training combined with coaching increased productivity by 88%.  That’s a 400% increase in results. 


More Clients.  More Money.  More Business.  More Profits. 
More Effective Marketing. More Leverage.  More Success.

After speaking with thousands of people and generating over $200 million in personal sales, I along with my master elite executive certified business coaching team have identified the key monetization factors that breathe more life into your business and lead to your ultimate sales success!

We produce dramatic results for clients through elite executive business coaching and training methods.  Our results speak for themselves… Our team has produced over a half a billion in sales.   So, if you are committed to massive business growth and you want a strong innovative business coach in your corner to help you grow your sales, profits and increase your productivity to work smarter, look no further!

I was hesitant too at first, until I realized that in order to be the best of the best, I had to surround my self with the best and model what the best did. How many top athletes did not have one or many top level coaches and trainers in their corner?  Of course the answer is easy… none.  Even if they say they did not have a coach, they modeled someone else who was successful, learned the techniques of the best, immersed themselves in the psychology of success and then took massive action!

What happens to sports teams that continually do well and then loose their top coach? They become average at best.  What happens to the team that picks up that top coach? That team becomes the new powerhouse, seemingly out of nowhere.  A perfect example of this concept is NBA coach Pat Riley.  Any team that Pat Riley coaches wins.

What it takes to be successful in business is not any different then what it takes to be the best in sports.  Learning, training, studying, growing and having a successful master business coach in your corner is what it takes to be the best in your business.  So even if it is not us, hire a business coach!  Choose one that is a great fit for you and your business.  Let them coach and guide you and you will be well on your way to producing greater results!

Please take a few minutes to review the website. It will be the most profitable few minutes you’ll spend this year. Then take Action!  Provide your name and email the page and take us up on our offer to show you how we can start producing results for you right away.

The world rewards action. Along with the Monetization team, we want to be the team in your corner helping you take more action and accomplish more business results than you ever thought possible!

I look forward to sharing in and supporting your journey as you take your business to the next level!

David Asarnow

Building your business is about Finding, Attracting and Converting More Clients. Profiting in your business is about Monetizing your key leverage points more effectively.

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