Monetize It!TM Keynote Speaker

David Asarnow

Why Hire David Asarnow
as your Keynote Speaker?

Because you want your audience to Monetize It!TM

Speak with David Asarnow and discovery why Monetize It!TM is the Keynote that will get your audiences excited and help them accelerate their business results!


  • Increase their income
  • Find the ONE THING that will elevate their business
  • Ignite their true vision
  • Develop a plan of action on what they need to focus on that day
  • Create a plan that will create results

keynoteIs a business built on a house of cards or a solid foundation?

If you would like your conference attendees like to implement the key leverage points that help them Monetize It!TM  This is the keynote for you!

It’s time to harness the power of Monetize It!TM and take your attendees business to the next level. Monetization is the key.

Let’s talk Monetize It!TM

In one hour David will have your conference attendees get their head in the game, with a game plan to produce profits and results.

Monetize It!TM will show your attendees how to create Next Level growth, change their thinking, and change their world.

This fascinating keynote is about monetizing your business and getting the results your attendees have been yearning for. It does not matter if they already have a seven or eight figure business, they will benefit the LEVERAGE strategies that David Asarnow will share during Monetize It!TM

Attract More Targeted Clients!
Generate More Profits!

moreclientLong-term relationships are based upon trust. The quality of a business is dependent upon the quality of the relationships built. David shows your conference attendees how to create the relationships that are the driving force behind everything they do. They will learn how to listen to their inner voice and discover a true purpose to ignite their vision.

David is a sought after business coach, speaker, business and sales trainer, and expert marketing consultant. Over the past seven years, in addition to building his businesses, David has been business coaching entrepreneurs, executives and small business owners to success.

David has personally sold well over $200 million in products, goods and services over the past 25 years. He grew a new division of a manufacturing business to $45 million dollars in sales over a five-year period and has created millions of dollars in profits for his many business coaching and consulting clients and thousands of business training students over the past four years. David connects with audiences because he speaks passionately from experience. He truly wants to help people.


  • Attract Ideal Clients
  • Harness The Power of Your Existing Customers
  • Create A Marketing Map
  • Fine-Tune Your Communication Strategy
  • Keep Your Customers Coming Back for Life
  • Focus on Your Clients
  • Position Yourself As The Expert In Your Field

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