Debunking Google Search, SEO Services & PPC Myths

What are three letters that you continuously hear about in regards to getting more website traffic? Today SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) have become synonymous with driving traffic to your website.   What are they and why are they of paramount significance for your business?   Successful implementation of an SEO and PPC strategy can mean the difference between no website traffic and a landslide of targeted traffic and domination of the search engines for your chosen keywords.

Business owners want to know the best method to attract people their website.   They want to know which route to go either SEO or PCC.  Business owners want to dominate the search engines especially Google search.  Usually business owners pick one over the other and build a case to support their choice, many times sacrificing valuable traffic.

Let’s look at both strategies more closely.  You will discover how to maximize your website traffic and grow your leads and sales through dominating local and national search.

Ranking your website through SEO is often referred to as organic search engine ranking.  It is called organic search engine ranking because Google, Bing and many other search engines find your content valuable and relevant.  And because they find your content relevant, they position it above other businesses that have content similar to yours.  If the search engines do not see your content as relevant, it will not appear in the top of the search engines.

It is important to know that when search engines do not find your webpage relevant and place it at the top of the search engine, does not mean that it is not relevant.  When your website is not at the top of the ranking, it means that you have not provided the means for the search engine to find your website valuable.  The challenge for most businesses is not a lack of value in your content; it is providing the proper content, structure, linking, on page and off page search engine optimization to make it easier for engines to find you.  When you accomplish this successfully, your valuable content will begin to rank.

This is how an effective SEO strategy comes into play.  The challenge with SEO is that if your website is new, has not created search engine relevancy, or has not implemented a sound SEO on-page and off-page strategy the chances of being ranked is not likely.  An effective SEO plan begins by evaluating your business, your marketplace, and the sites that are currently ranking for the search term that you would like to rank for.  Being successful begins with research and a plan.

For example, if I want to rank for the keyword phrase “Atlanta SEO expert”. First I would conduct keyword research.  I would find that even if I ranked in the top 10 on Google, less than 300 people on average search for that term monthly. Now let’s look at another search term possibility, “Atlanta SEO services”.  This term has approximately 1000 monthly searches.   The keyword phrase “Atlanta SEO services” has more searches and it also has more competition.  This means that more people are trying to rank for the keyword phrase “Atlanta SEO Services”.  Additional search terms that may generate more traffic are, “What is SEO” or “SEO consultant.”  “What is SEO” has over 6000-targeted searches with medium competition and “SEO consultant” has over 18,000 monthly searches.  While this is great traffic if I can rank for these terms, it is important to know your customer and whom you want to attract to your site.  If I am looking for customers in my local area, ranking for Atlanta SEO services may be a better keyword phrase because of the local targeted traffic versus a national.

Organic searches through SEO provides you the opportunity to attract qualified clients, reduce your long-term marketing expenses, get you more qualified clients and pick up the 85% that do not click on paid search results.  The challenge with SEO becomes apparent if you are in a competitive market because it may take a long time to gain the search engine traffic you desire.  Gaining organic traffic through SEO is rarely an overnight success.

Organic search engine ranking has a positive effect on your top and bottom line.  First, the hard work and time researching and implementing a plan can potentially become a landslide of “FREE” web traffic for your business despite possibly investing in a SEO consultant.  And by the way, FREE is rarely FREE because it takes an investment in your business.


For the short-term PPC has the ability to generate immediate traffic to your website.

If you want immediate website traffic, consider PPC advertising.  Any type of business or industry can bid on a keyword or per thousand impressions and start to generate immediate traffic to the website.

The challenge with PPC is that it costs money.  If you choose the PPC strategy, do your research first and then upon implementation keep up with your keywords, PPC ad copy and terms.  I have one client who was spending a lot of money for someone to manage the PPC strategy for them.   Using keyword research tools available to SEO experts, I was able to see that they were using the same ad copy for more than 50 search terms.  PPC is intricate, so it is important to have a PPC Marketing expert in your corner to maximize your investment.  In order to maximize PPC investment, customize each individual PPC advertisement to the specific keyword or search term you are bidding on, and then make sure you are effectively split-testing different ad copy for effectiveness.

Many businesses that do PPC advertising ineffectively use the same titles and ad copy for all of their keywords.  Although easier, it is not as effective for generating targeted traffic., which is the goal.  If you want to increase your quality click through rate, be sure that the titles and advertising copy are in sync with each individual keyword you are targeting.  The challenge with PPC is that it requires a monetary investment. If the person managing the account is not tenacious in maintaining the account or in reviewing their strategy, it is not uncommon to see poor and ineffective results.


What should your business do?

Business owners should evaluate both strategies as mutually beneficial and serving different purposes.  PPC strategies can allow for immediate traffic to your website, while SEO strategies can take from 2 months to 2 years to rank for your chosen keywords or keyword phrases.  This all depends on the expertise and strategy of the person implementing your SEO program.

Many business owners spend their focus and money on one strategy and neglect the other.  A balance and mix for both strategies is important.

An effective mix and creating a short term and long-term strategy for both SEO and PPC may be the answer.  For immediate website traffic to generate sales for your business, set up a Google Ad words account while you implement your SEO strategy.

Please share your SEO and PPC stories in the comments below.


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