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Marketing StrategyWhy marketing strategy? Marketing is about sales, branding, positioning and psychology.  Marketing strategy is like the game of chess. The more you understand the game, the more strategic you can be.  The more strategic you are in mapping out your marketing strategy and plan of action, the more successful you can be with your marketing.

I work with a small select group of entrepreneurs and small business owners helping them go from ideation to marketing implementation.

Companies often shy away from marketing because they do not approach marketing strategically.  Implement an effective marketing strategy and you can create a endless flow of clients for your business.

The challenge I see for most business owners is they create their own marketing strategy themselves… or they hire a marketing intern or recent college graduate and then complain that marketing does not work . There are three things you can do to create successful marketing strategy:

  1. Think like a marketing strategist.  Even if you do not want a professional to create your ads, having a marketing strategy session with a top marketing strategy expert can pay huge dividends in your top line results and bottom line profits.
  2. If you want to do it yourself, invest the time to really learn what is successful!  According to Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Tipping Point” he says that it take someone 10,000 hours to become an expert.  Great!  Put the time in!  If you do not have the time to wait for 10,000 hours, then hire a marketing strategist who has put the time in, does the research and knows what is working TODAY.  Then they can teach you the skills and provide you the knowledge needed to create your overall and on-going marketing strategy campaigns.  My Monetize It!TM MasterClass training program can be the bridge to get you this knowledge.
  3. Hire a marketing strategist to do it for you.  Make sure you hire someone who lives and breathes marketing strategy and that resonates with you and your business.  They should be working with clients and testing marketing strategies and measuring what is working in the marketing world today.  Your marketing strategist needs to understand your consumer, their wants, needs and desires, and what sells!

I have a specialized marketing strategy and have a full service implementation team that can get you the results that you want through marketing programs that work.

Your marketing strategist needs to understand your consumer, their wants, needs and desires, and what sells!  We have a specialized marketing strategy team that can get you the results that you want with local and national marketing programs that work. 

Marketing Strategy That Helps You Monetize It!

Marketing StrategyIdeas!  Ideas! Ideas!  Ideas are nice…. New business ideas, new marketing ideas, new sales ideas.  Ideas back by strategy is key.

Many businesses do the same thing over and over again and yet expect a new or different result.  They truly want results, that stay active, they implement things, and yet MOST do not do it with strategic precision.  A sound marketing strategy can help you implement and monetize at a higher level.

I challenge you to see things differently, to think differently and to implement differently I challenge you to create a sound marketing strategy.  I believe that when you create a marketing strategy based upon MONETIZE IT!TM principles, your eyes will be opened to a new world of business and marketing possibilities.

Amazing things happen when our eyes and mind are open.  How many times have we looked at a challenge in our business for long periods of time and not know what to do?  Then a new employee full of excitement brings us new ideas, slight shifts and changes in how we do things. This shift increases the new customer close rate, helping increase both top line sales and bottom line profit.  How many times do new breakthrough ideas come out based upon the synergy of masterminding or being coached?

MONETIZE IT!TM marketing strategy is not business as “normal.” My team and I help you plan revenue generation, profit building, productivity, strategies and tactics that can deliver the kind of consistent business building success that you have always dreamed of.

Marketing StrategyMy goal is to provide you with results! The Monetize It!TM Marketing Strategy process will stimulate your thinking on the infinite ways that you can grow your business through more effective marketing strategies.

When I worked with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes Business Breakthrough International, (one of the most recognized personal development companies in the world), we were strategically thinking how our they could increase their client enrollment rate in on-going programs.  We looked at their webinar sales strategy and with our fresh eyes we were able to help them make some adjustments that within six months yielded over a 62% increase in their client enrollment rate via online webinars in 90 days!  THIS WORKS! It can work for you!

My proven success strategies have increased sales and profits quickly for others. Now it’s your turn!

Automation Should Be Part Of Marketing Strategy

Marketing StrategyMost business owners are too stuck in their old, unprofitable ways out of habit rather than logic. They are more interested in defending why things are not working versus embracing new possibilities and changes in the marketing marketplace that will lead to real profits. In business and in life, whatever you focus on expands.  When you look at and focus on what is not working, you tend to see more of what is not working. When you focus on and look at the amazing possibilities we can show you positive results happen.

When you work with us you will discover amazing possibilities the deeper you dig into our sales, marketing and marketing automation systems.

Contrary to popular dreaming, there is not magic marketing strategy.  Many businesses look for a new scheme or tactic that will miraculously turn their business into a profitable powerhouse.   Some of the strategies we teach may require you to make changes in your business. Some will look at change as difficult. We look at change as a great challenge and opportunity to create things as you truly want them to be.

To tremendously grow your business from where it is today, let go of past limiting or incorrect beliefs that do not result in depositing more profits into your bank account.  We want you to make more money!

Imagine that the difference between poor results and exceptional profits is just a slight mind-shift away.

Let’s get started and grow your sales, profits and increase your productivity!


Building your business is about Finding, Attracting and Converting More Clients. Profiting in your business is about Monetizing your key leverage points more effectively.

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