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David Asarnow

Get ready for increased sales, conversions and monetization for your business through the Business Oxygen Circle!

business oxygen circleThis is what you will experience with my “Business Oxygen Circle,” my advanced business, marketing and sales training program for increased sales and profits!

Business owners generally tell me that, “The biggest business challenge is needing more leads and sales for my business.”

Today more than ever, it is important to have a proven and effective business sales strategy and implementation plan that will attract the people you want to do business with, and then nurture a relationship whereby it becomes obvious that you are the solution to the business problem and/or challenges that they are experiencing.


I launched the Business Oxygen Circle in 2010 because I saw a lack of programs that truly walked entrepreneurs step-by-step on how to monetize their businesses more effectively which includes finding, attracting and converting more customers for your business.  Other programs tell you what you can do, however I could not find any that show you HOW TO DO IT.  So, I created it!

business oxygen circleWhat I realized over 30 plus years is that the firehouse method of spraying a ton of information, while providing a lot of content, rarely translated into effective implementation.

Because of this, I created what we believe to be the first true Business Monetization Program business sales and marketing training program that guides you step-by-step from knowledge through implementation.

The Business Oxygen Circle is Monetization Training Through Implementation!

LIVE INTENSIVE MONETIZATION & BUSINESS SKILLS TRAINING:  We start with building a strong business foundation so that all of the “Business Oxygen Circle” members are up to speed and on the same page.  In this section, program participants learn and implement my Goal Achiever method for rapid business improvement. THIS ONE THING will be your catalyst to their rapid business transformation.

Next we will get you implementing the skills you learn through LIVE training and coaching gym sessions!  Yes, I said Live!

BUSINESS OXYGEN CIRCLE LIVE TRAINING SESSIONS:  One week per month you will learn a new skill at a very deep level.  We then take the skills that you are learning and delve deeper, providing you implementation advice and guidance LIVE and INTERACTIVE during our Business Oxygen Coaching Gym Session.

BUSINESS OXYGEN CIRCLE COACHING GYM:  We call it a Business Coaching Gym for the simple reason that these are the times to work out the implementation, get your questions answered and tune-up and refine the strategies and tactics you are implementing.

business oxygen circleBusiness Oxygen Circles is our proven and effective program that shows you first hand; live and interactive through distance remote learning how you can more effectively convert sales for your local or national business.

When you join Business Oxygen Circles you will be experiencing the premier monetization program for businesses in North America.

Over the past 24 years, I have generated over $300 million dollars in sales for my businesses and those of my clients.

The Business Oxygen Circle contains these secrets, in a proven, effective and GUARANTEED method!

I have effectively utilized these secrets for over the past 24 years and I want to share them with you in my Business Oxygen Circles program.

Once of the secrets of the most successful businesses is that they know exactly where they are headed and they are not surprised when they arrive, as they expected it.

According to a study by Jessie Hagen of U.S. Bank only 39% of businesses are ever profitable over their lifetime.

The challenges for most businesses are that they do not have a success, profit and productivity plan supported by effective and proven business sales and marketing training for their business.

Would you be willing to put aside 2 hours to create the business you have always been talking about?

Besides increased sales and profits, what are some other benefits of creating the business of your dreams?

Reduced Stress – There is comfort in knowing where you are going!  You know what you need to focus on and then you focus on it.   Most people and business owners NEVER have this ability because they are caught up in working IN their business versus ON it!  With the “Business Oxygen Program,” you will learn how to work on your business and create and execute a detailed plan of sales and marketing action.

Massive Profits – When you focus on a few key proven and effective leverage points in your business, you can drive your sales and profits significantly higher.  In “Business Oxygen Circles” you will discover and implement your specific leverage points effectively so that you can grow your sales and profits.

Increased Leads and Appointments – The number challenge we hear from companies is that they want more clients.  In the “Business Oxygen Circles” program you will learn how to increase the size of your sales funnel and then convert more of the leads that are flowing into it!

Gain More Clients – Statistics show that people want to be closed, yet most people don’t like making a decision. Most business owners do not understand how to effectively close using a consultative and educational based sales and marketing process.  We lay out for you on a silver platter the education based sales process and how you can effectively implement it for your business.

Work Smarter – This is about creating and implementing systems and procedures that result in more business productivity!  After all, it is your business, and you should enjoy the process of building it!


You CAN Create Your Business Success Plan in (2) Two Hours or Less!

When you watch a per-recorded Business Master Class Training Session or work with a Business Oxygen Circle Expert, you will have plan that accomplishes the following:

  • An outline of the key business growth factors that will create massive growth in your business;
  • The key leverage points that create massive productivity
  • Your business success goal and target list for the next 12 – 36 months.
  • According to a Harvard Business Review study, it was revealed that entrepreneurs and executives close their minds to new ideas when they are under stress, thus almost guaranteeing failure. Worse, they will just do more of what is familiar to them (even if it’s not working).

Possibly your business is going well and you now want more… to bring it to the next level… really getting your business going?

It can all happen for you and you will no longer have to do it all yourself.  It does not have to be a financial burden on your business.  We can help you unlock hidden profits, which will put money in your pocket, a self-funding system.

When you attend our Introduction to The Business Oxygen Circle Master Class training program, you can create increased sales, profits and productivity that in turn, breathes more life into your business!  Let us help you positively transform your business world forever!

Imagine your business being up to 75% more profitable in the next 12 months.  What will this do for you?

How would you like to become un-stuck and focus your time and energy on the things that matter to you personally?

Imagine creating the lifestyle you have always dreamed of, and reaching the goals you set for yourself.

What if you could implement the key monetization business growth factors?

When you are ready to discover how to put your business growth on the most profitable path and make this year the very best you ever had, put your name and email on the top right side of this page and learn more about our Business Master Class Interactive Webinar Training.

Why Choose Business Oxygen Circles?

Our business sales and marketing training are not only motivational, they are proven and effective!  If one word was to describe what we do for our business owner clients it is about “RESULTS!”

While our sales and marketing training program is highly motivating and innovative it is designed specifically to produce results for you as a business owner!  Our sales and marketing skills training will get every member of your businesses sales and marketing team focused on producing more conversions which produces accelerated profits and results!

While Business Oxygen Circles is a stand alone group training program, we also offer customized business trainings for corporations including sales kick-off meeting keynotes, presidential circle and club motivational sales presentations, individual coaching and training sessions or national convention and general session trainings!

We have successfully trained thousands of people and business on finding, attracting and converting more clients for their business.  Successful sales begin at the core with effective communication both internally and with our selves and externally with our customers.

Our proven sales and marketing systems are designed to increase your sales and profits and reduce your expenses.  You and your entire business will learn the importance of increasing value and how this translates into increased sales and referrals.

David Asarnow is your rapid results peak performance authority on increased sales and conversions.

When you are ready to discover how to put your business growth on the most profitable path and make this year the very best you ever had, put your name and email address to the right and learn more about The Business Master Class Interactive Webinar Training or go here now.



Building your business is about Finding, Attracting and Converting More Clients. Profiting in your business is about Monetizing your key leverage points more effectively.

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