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Grow Your Businesses Through Elite Certified Business Coaching!

I have one goal for you and your business, to help you make more money.  It is that simple!  My proven, proprietary certified business coaching methods will help you increase your sales, profits and productivity up to 75% or more in 12 months or less.

Is this a bold claim?

I have been creating results like these for my consulting and executive business coaching clients for years.  Even in the current challenging economic times, my clients’ businesses are thriving and growing.  Here is a list of some achievements we have helped our clients reach:

  • International sales, marketing and training company increased their sales training closing ratio by over 62 % in just fewer than 6 months after I worked with their sales vice-president and helped re-script their sales training presentation.
  • A real estate land development company opened a brand new project in April 2012 and sold $1.9MM in 45 days, selling approximately 1 property per day on average.
  • A business coaching and consulting client reports increased sales by 862% in less than 8 months.
  • A chiropractor increased his profitability by 17% in 6 months.
  • Within 6 months, an entrepreneur tripled his monthly income equating to an average annual income well over $300,000.

I am your rapid results, accelerated certified business coaching growth expert for when you want to find, attract and convert more clients for your business.

Most certified business coaches work backwards. They expect you to pay them lots of money to start working, and trust that sometime down the road, you’ll see a return on your investment.

When you hire a certified executive business coach, you should know with 100% certainty that you are going to see a sizable return on your investment.

That is why together we will begin with the number one item all businesses should have, a Sales, Profit and Productivity Business Plan.  When we choose to work together, you will start with a plan that is clear, applicable and attainable.  As Steven Covey says, “Begin with the end in mind,”  and we will do just this working together!

David Asarnow and Business Oxygen Helps You Breathe More Life Into Your Business through…

  1. Business Oxygen Circle Training: When you invest in the “Business Oxygen Circle,” business coaching and training sessions, we work with you to achieve rapid business results which include increased sales, profit and productivity.  During the sessions you will learn how to find, attract and convert more clients for your business.  You will start measuring your results!   RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED!  When you join our Business Oxygen Circle you get a test drive with Guaranteed Results!  So, if you are committed to results, we make enrolling into a Business Oxygen Program a very easy decision!  I am confident that when you invest in the “Business Oxygen Circle Master Class Training;” you will see and experience how you can create an immediate increase in your business.

  2. Business Coaching:  Work with me and my Business Oxygen Certified Business Coaching team and you will see how peak performance business coaching can produce exponential growth.  I have assembled a team of top certified executive and business coaches and business strategists who provide YOU with guaranteed results first.  Work with a Business Oxygen Certified Business Coach and you will experience how you can “Breathe More Life Into Your Business!”

Let’s Talk Business Coaching Services

When you search for remedies for your business you should know with 100% confidence that you are going to see a considerable return on investment (and soon)!

If you would like to learn more, let’s speak live!

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  • Are you like many business owners who dream about the success they desire, wishing they knew the step-by-step formula to create and realize their dream?
  • Have you wondered if you implemented the proven business growth strategies, would they work?
  • Heck, you may know what you need to do, you know it is the right thing and yet for some reason you just are not doing it?
  • Have you ever launched a new product or service, possibly an entire business that did not generate the revenue and/or profits you had planned for, and you still do not understand why?

A Harvard Business Review study reveals that entrepreneurs and executives close their minds to new ideas when they are under stress, thus almost guaranteeing failure.  Worse, they will just do more of what is familiar to them (even if it’s not working).

Possibly your business is going well and you now want more… to bring it to the next level… really getting your business going?

Here’s the good news…

It can all happen this year for you and you no longer have to do it all yourself.  And in fact, it doesn’t have to be a financial burden on your business.  We can help you unlock hidden profits in your business, which will actually put money in your pocket that you may already be sitting on, yes a self-funding system.

A single call with me and my team will create a BUSINESS ALTERING,  Sales, Profits and Productivity producing landslide for your entire business.  Get ready to  positively transform your business world forever.

  • Imagine your business being up to 75% more profitable in the next 12 months.  What will this do for you?
  • How would you like to become un-stuck and focus your time and energy on the things that matter?
  • Imagine creating the lifestyle you have always dreamed of, and reaching the goals you set for yourself.

You can now implement key business oxygen growth factors for your business.

When you have a Business Oxygen Certified Business Coach in your corner, you will discover how to put your business growth on the most profitable path and make this year the very best you ever had, register below to qualify for your own free Sales, Profit and Productivity Strategy Business Coaching Session.

In order to work one-on-one with me or a member of my team, You Must Qualify.   Complete the qualification form below and a key member of my team will reach out to schedule your session.

Please Understand: Every member of the Business Oxygen Team is known for providing accurate business growth information.  We believe that your time is valuable and we do not dance around issues or sugar coat things.  If you want someone who is direct and blunt so that you can get your businesses to the next level as quickly as possible you are in the right place!  Boldness is rewarded, so submit your information to see if you qualify for a private Business Oxygen coaching and training session.

Please Only Apply If…

You are serious about your business success and are frankly willing to invest in yourself and your business.  We know that having the right business coach and team in your corner is paramount to your success, and likewise, we are selective on who we personally work with, because we expect results!  So, only apply if you are ready to take action.

So if you are ready, take the next step and fill out the short qualification form below.

Your answers will help us decide if we are a good fit for each other, and be the basis of our very first conversation.  We will let you know either way!


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By completing the Business Oxygen Growth Factors qualification form,  you may qualify for an INTRODUCTORY business coaching strategy session on how you can massively increase your Sales, Profit and Productivity.

After your information is entered, if you qualify, a business-coaching strategist will schedule your INTRODUCTORY private business coaching services session.

Our philosophy is to provide accurate business growth information, being direct and honest in how to grow your businesses to the next level.

Only apply when you are ready to GET RESULTS NOW.

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Peak Performance Personal and Certified Business Oxygen Coaching Produces Results!

Are you ready to live you life with passion, purpose and direction, to live your ultimate life and play full-out? What does this mean to you? What does it look like? How does it feel? What actions are you prepared to take that you were not before? I want you to live the life you want, on purpose, surrounding yourself with the people you want to be around, building financial abundance and health. Yes, you can have it all!

You have options!

When we work together, you will see how you can shift your thinking, ignite your passion and achieve the positive bottom line results you deserve (personally and professionally). You will start thinking differently! You will create a PLAN for your life and you will start taking the consistent daily actions that will enable you to achieve this plan. Through following my step by step implementation process you will be living your ideal life, and achieving the ultimate reality that you designed!

The Business Oxygen team is passionate about you achieving your plan! We look forward to working with you toward achieving your dreams and dissolving your life and business challenges. When we work together, you will surround yourself with a team that uses leading-edge business coaching technologies and systems that are designed to rapidly:

Discover – What you truly desire. We will identify your passions with precision and accuracy. The process I use is unlike what you have seen anywhere. Working together, we can even discover the underlying beliefs and views that previously determined your results, the experiences that were holding you back and preventing you from moving forward…. and neutralize them.

Focus – You will start focusing with clarity and purpose! We will remove the fogginess that surrounded you in the past. With precision and accuracy we will remove self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs that you may have carried with you since your youth. You will begin choosing behaviors and actions consistent with your commitments and vision for your life.

GrowthYou will experience extraordinary growth! I will use the appropriate technologies for your individual situation. You will produce the specified results that you declare, and experience a profound shift in how you view and relate to yourself and others. Through igniting your personal power you will now envision and create the future you want.

Experience – You will experience what it is like to be the “true you” and achieve success without limits as you define it, no longer being captive by your past.

Through our peak performance and success coaching sessions, you will learn how you can face your fears and conquer them. You see, we all have had fears at some point in our life; its how you face and deal with them that separates success from mediocrity and the results we produce. You will start taking action in spite of your fears and soar to new heights.

Yes, I will help you grow your life and your business so that you consistently operate at Your Peak Performance Level! But only if you are committed! I have limited time for one-one-one sessions and only am willing to work with those that are truly committed to their success.

What you may not know is that I also work with and help people who have previously suffered from phobias, anxieties, stage freight, fear of flying, fear of public speaking or even panic attacks. I also help with family, and marital challenges along with addictions and communication.

About Your Private Coaching Session

Success has its privileges! I do not accept just anyone as a client! In order for you to be accepted into my inner circle you must be committed to creating your ultimate life! You must be committed to creating positive results! You must be willing to have the persistence and determination to do whatever it takes to achieve your results! While many times you will experience dramatic results very quickly, results may vary. Sometimes it may take weeks or in some cases months to create the profound positive results you seek.


Technology:  While I do accept in-person coaching and consulting sessions, I have clients all over the country. If you are scheduling a remote session, you will need a telephone or Skype with a headset (preferably) or a speaker phone. You will also not want to be disturbed during the sessions.


Fees:  My current fee* for an introductory 30-minute business strategy session (sometimes a bit longer) is $500.  For qualifying individuals and businesses, I am currently waving my fee.

Your initial session is for discovery, to see what you want, and what obstacles are standing in your way and where you want to go. We will start crafting a plan for you to create the business you desire!  After your initial session, we will discuss available programs and plans based upon you and your businesses needs.

For each session you will request a time for our call. Once the call time is confirmed, I will give you a number to call for our session.

When you invest in your introductory session there is no obligation to invest in further coaching sessions

To Arrange Your Introductory Coaching Session Complete The Above Form, or call 855-7-SAY-YES or 855-772-9937

If you are ready to go today and want an Introductory Business Coaching Strategy Session sooner than later, please use the link below.  On the link, you will be taken to a page where you can invest in your business Strategy Session On-line.

1. To arrange YOUR introductory coaching session click on the “Invest Now” button at the bottom of the page. You will then be taken through a checkout process where you can pay by credit or debit card and provide your contact details.

2. Following receipt of payment you will have an opportunity to schedule your session using my convenient online scheduling system. If you need a different time than what is available due to your life/work schedule, please let me know.

3. Modifying a Scheduled Session: Once a time for a session has been made you agree to be on time for your sessions and to allow at least 72 hours advance notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your session online or by calling 855-7-SAY-YES. Should YOU fail modify your session with enough advance notice or do not attend, you acknowledge that the full session price will be charged to compensate for our time.

Your 20 Minute Introductory Session includes:

  • Review of your concerns and objectives during our initial telephone session.
  • Introduction to David’s coaching techniques as appropriate for you and your situation.
  • Within 24 hours of your session you will email you a written recap and any assignments for your to complete before your next coaching session or a session recording (when you invest in further sessions or a coaching program).

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of my team before scheduling, please send us a request with question details through contact me and someone will get back as soon as possible.

Yes, Its time. It is NOW time for you to take the actions you know you need to take to achieve your ultimate business and life that you so deserve! After you order, you will receive a link to my convenient online scheduler.

I look forward to working with you in creating your ultimate life!

To Your Success,

David Asarnow

David Asarnow
Peak Performance Small Business Coaching, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Automation Strategist. Find, Attract and Convert More Clients with Business Oxygen.